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Sunday, June 29, 2008


i took my youngest son to see WALL-E during a matinée this Saturday. here is my signature rapid fire 10 point review. before you get all bent out of shape about my review, let me say. this is a fantastic, incredible movie. it is a must-see film for anyone and everyone.
  1. WALL-E looks like a combination of ET and Johnny Five. And he's as curious about life and adorable as those two characters put together.
  2. pixar easter eggs are fun. i spotted the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story as Eve scanned a landfill. plus, mac OS start up chime when Wall-E's solar panels juice up to full capacity. awesome!
  3. all good stories are about people trying to make a connection to one another. this is one of the greats for it's simplicity and charm. life is precious. appreciate it.
    robot love
  4. you are a big fat consumer. you have no life. and you're killing the planet. the law of conservation of matter is in effect. teach your children where all that "stuff" goes. (hint: nowhere)
  5. this film presents a somewhat disconcerting future world view to perhaps the typical 5 year old viewer, and his or her Disney-schooled parent may or may not be prepared to share this reality. being a sci-fi / horror buff, the future Earth here is not that dissimilar from the dystopian landscapes of films such as Aliens, Blade Runner, Minority Report or even I Am Legend. i was half way expecting a zombie to jump out of one of the scenes as WALL-E cruised along the deserted desert of the trash city. but then i reminded myself that this is a Disney/Pixar movie.
  6. corporations are always trying to sell you something. big and large stuff at low low prices. but at what cost?
  7. the irony of giving away a blue rubber disposable digital watch to all the children that attended the film on opening weekend is not lost on me.
    Wall-E watch
    the package was even stuffed with throw away one-sided trading cards for some silly Chihuahua movie that is coming soon, starring what looks to be the Taco Bell dog and his girlfriend. i saw the plastic wrappers and even a broken band of watches littering the pavement outside the theater. i guess the message of the movie was lost on those poor souls, never mind the marketing geniuses who came up with this promo idea. they are stamped with "Disney/Pixar - Made in China" and avatars of Wall-E and Eve, but if they were thinking the watches would be stamped "BnL." Yo Queiro Marketing Hell?
  8. robots with black and white directives are hard pressed to survive in real world scenarios where situations change and necessitate adaptation to conditions on the ground. bad wheel bot with robot army.
  9. robots with free thought and purpose can dream and innovate and sustain and do good. wall-e, eve and "the little cleaner bot that could" are free thinkers from different molds.
  10. you are a robot. don't be a bad robot. life is precious. follow your instincts and not all the rules, and do the best job possible.
wow, my review is pretty dire isn't it? but really this is a great great film. my five year old said it was the best movie he's ever seen... in a movie theater. he hasn't seen that many, but that says something. he also said, "better than Kung-fu Panda."

oh, and here is my instant tweet review:
Wall-E is fantastic, touching, dire, incredible, fun, epic, great family flick; a new pixar classic.
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hanum said...

nice movie, good animation technology used.