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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Speed Racer

i took my two boys to see Speed Racer a couple of weeks ago. based on the original anime series, and made by the Wachowski Brothers, i had high hopes. my hopes were fulfilled and exceeded on most every level. here is my belated 10 bullet review. great fun family flick.
  1. The world in this film is super fantastic. CGI cartoony in all the right places.
  2. The Racer family and the theme of loyalty, bond, trust, friendship, etc is a really nice sincere change of pace for a modern sci-fi movie. You can feel pretty good taking your kids to this.
  3. Racer X is bad to the bone.
  4. Corporate interests, power and greed are evil. Boo evil. Yay little guy.
  5. The racing in this film is totally crazy silly over the top, but totally fun to watch. Mach 5 - awesomeness. Custom built Mach 6 - oh yeah!
  6. The colors in this film just pop. It's just like watching a bag of delicious jolly ranchers. Wait does that make sense?
  7. Trixie. Ricci. Syrupy sweet hawtness. She was born to play this anime character. And Mom Racer / Susan Sarandon? She does the mom archetype wonderfully.
  8. Ninja are cool. John Goodman as Pops Racer wrestling Ninja? Cooler.
  9. Crazy over the top set dressing plus comic book cinematography equal crazy cool aesthetics.
  10. Monkeys are cool. I wish I had a monkey pet as a boy like Spritle Racer. Plus they rock some serious kung fu. Hilarity ensues.

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