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Friday, May 09, 2008

SEO session notes from BlogCarolinas

twitter davesnyder
this preso will be on searchandsocial.com
along with other links that are helpful

(note: Andy Beal was also very active with suggestions / input in this session but i wasn't smart enough to distinguish which comments are his vs Dave's)

Dave works for jrdunn.com jewelry site
he's also worked for other big enterprise sites (like hotels) doing seo
also writes for marketing pilgrim

we'll use the KWL format
what is wrong
what do you want to know
what do you think you know
what you've learned

learning lab at 11:30 free site clinic

title tags
meta tags
meta density
site rankings

keyword spam
humans are corrupt
easily defeated

1998 google opened doors
page rank (based on larry last name, not to do with pages)
more editorial votes create ranking for search
interlinking web gives better search

yahoo purchases inktomi search tech - superior
m$ enters market

google has 67% market share as of march
so optimization for google algorithm is most important

future: semantic web

importance of seo? why do it?
70% of search users use organic search over paid listings
66% searchers trust organic over paid listings
searchers gain better understanding of what is organic vs paid with more use
gaining organic is easier than paid per click

top 3 algorithm factors in google
no one knows the algorithm used by google
equate it to heinz 57 sauce, you don't know all 57 ingredients but you know there are tomatoes vinegar and salt are in there

1. title tag
2. link equity - the number and quality of links
3. domain factor read brad fishkin, concepts about domain trust, domain age, wikipedia & ask.com dominate rankings

a bunch of words
some of this is crap
SERP 301redirect alttags cloaking
go to seobook.com for glossary

okay here is the K part of the exercise
write down K and what you know about SEO or search in general
"spider lists
meta tags
we don't know anything
google is awesome
google is getting worse and worse"

page architecture
1 keyword per page
you're looking for weight and complexity of semantic web
related longtail terms to main term
make the title tags seem like a phrase
make them short
your content is your product

keep CRT high
stay away from link farms
these are slippery ways to get links
don't leave footprints, use a different anchor tag
you don't want every tag to have the same thing
you want it to look natural and organic

deep link as well
link to product pages, contextual links, banner links etc

bruce the barber beefcake website the next wave in web design

time for the W
write down what you want to learn

"what are the easy tools to use, dashboards, is it google analytics?"

downscrape (i don't think i got this right, Dave or someone help me out here)
for a blog, this isn't a big deal but
if you're a biz, bounce rate is everything
healthy bounce rate is 35% for biz
if your bounce rate is 75% then you need to totally rethink your keywords
look at unique visitors

what about flash? does that get picked up well
nike shoes
you have the title tag but you can't build a healthy site that way
you need to stay away from site
and as you go to mobile, flash is not compatible

are there issues with using cms like joomla?

link equity
homepage is base of link equity
then build a pyramid from there, a hierarchy


get the seo for firefox plugin
shows you the nofollow links
shows where you want to send your link equity

google is going to pay attention to the first link on the page

page rank - we have to talk about this
this isn't the same thing as the google product
concept of link equity of interlinking web
pagerank in the google toolbar - don't base your seo on this
don't base your seo on pr
easy to see the cached snapshot of your site
text-only cache is how google sees your page when the spider crawls it

we're skipping the L
b/c we've learned a lot here already!

how important is alexa?
not important at all!

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