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Friday, May 09, 2008

Online Reputation Managment session at BlogCarolinas

who is andy beal?
internet marketing consultant
editor/founder marketingpilgrim.com
founder trackur.com reputation monitoring
co-author of online reputation mgmt book
"radically transparent" radicallytransparent.com
email andy [at] marketingpilgrim [dot] com

what is ORM?
(online reputation management)
realizing that the perceived value of your brand is defined by information found on the internet therefore requiring your constant monitoring and participation in these web conversations

51% of job candidates are not chosen b/c of online rep
66% of execs say that repairing a damaged reputation
75% of journalists get story ideas from blogs
77% of recruiters will google candidates
83% of companies will face a crisis thta reduces company value by 20-30%
87% believe the ceo's rep is tied to the company's
90% of consumers trust what people like them think
95% of ceo believe their online reputation is key
100% of you have an online reputation

a few examples
celebrity rep - michael richards
matthew mullenweg - caught in blackhat ad linking scheme
CEO rep online - martha stewart?!

mistaken identity
there is a Texas Billionaire that plays poker and invests in his own space program
"Andy Beal is an Internet Search Engine developer ... developing a rocket program"
this actually happened

You Decide!
what do you want to talk with Andy about today?
  • online public relations
  • your google reputation
  • multi/micro media
  • the power of blogs
  • social network participation
  • managing review engines
  • reputation monitoring
  • reputation repairing
  • whatever you want...

CEO blogging
anything you blog about as part of a public company is a material fact

talking about repairing reputation
own the conversation
consistency in your actions

don't use wikipedia to manage online reputation
if you don't have control over the content you can't manage your rep
use of wikipedia also comes off as self-serving in this use
this isn't transparent, it's self-promotion
listen to feedback from stakeholders and using that build authenticity

kryptonite locks - classic example

4 sites to keep check on ORM for free
  1. technorati
  2. google news
  3. google blog search
  4. bloglines

another cool thing now is twitter search
from the audience: a new site is http://summize.com/
from me, i like tweetscan
(more to come in twitter session)

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