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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Vacation Trip Streaming

So we packed up the family wagon (actually 2 if you count my parents and brother) and rolled the caravan up to Williamsburg Virginia this past 4 day holiday weekend. We were on a mission to seek out some American History and ride some awesome thrill rides. Our 2 main destinations: Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens Europe. Here are my camera phone snaps from each of the 2 days hiking around both destinations as well as some travel photos from in between. I shared these mostly live and in the moment (to my wife's chagrin) exclusively through 4 mobile social networking or blogging platforms as an experiment in travel mobile blogging.
  1. Brightkite - location based social networking. i checked in here for locations such as resort, restaurants, sites in Williamsburg (even within Colonial section!) and Busch Gardens. Then I shared comments and photos live at these locations. Notices are also fed over to twitter. brightkite is turning a corner for me. it's new yes, but for this purpose, and with twitter being so very unreliable of late, this did the job well.
  2. Twitpic - allows sharing and commenting on photos with twitter, simple and easy to use, also has tagging for after the fact meta-data goodness for you or your audience to suggest.
  3. Tumblr - my de facto mobile blogging and ad hoc mixed media blogging platform of choice. if you haven't experienced tumblr, go there now. try it. it is cool. you may not want to blog ever again.
  4. Flickr - my photo repo. all photos go here, and that means all my mobile ones live. Twitxr feeds Flickr directly, maybe Brightkite and Twitpic should take notice.
I also took ~2.5 hours of video on my new Flip video camera and I'll be sharing these shortly (who has encoding/upload tips?). Also uploads to Flickr from the 8MP big zoom Canon and 5MP HP point and shoot cam will happen sometime over the following weekend as well. We had some fun times. More on this later.

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Flynn said...

Enjoyed the photos of your vacation trip, they are amazing.