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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Live blogging @ myncCamp

i'm going to dump semi live stuff here from myncCamp, and fix it up later. i'm using the attendee's twitter handles to note speakers. [updated - campers please send me comments with additions, corrections and more info.]

danny ayers, dayers on twitter
explanation of mync.com
(sponsored by nbc17)
let's do journalism at the local level again
not do 1 size fits all news
focus on communities - counties and towns - wake forest, orange co, clayton, etc
do local weather from all communities
take contributions from individuals
mync provides ~75 video cameras to local people to film content
working on video upload system
hardest part is making content relevant

note: there is a mync twitter stream

missrogue - use feeds with tags like "myncwf" to bring in contextual blog content

brianr - the portal is dead
we need some serious innovation here
look at friend feed - streams to follow
banner ads are burning people out too, driving people away
craigslist is one of the sites being blamed for death of newspaper
it's design is 1991 but it works b/c of simplicity

theRab (me) - i think we need to work on the innovation of integrating relevant content
work on the consumability and searchability of content
banner ads are annoying and not relevant, they are in the way
anecdote - my wife's iLamp iMac G4 in the kitchen can't handle these heavy ad / flash / blinking
sites, the presentation is too busy and globbed together, she'll just give up b/c it's too hard to get to the info or content that she is looking for, she'll just go directly to craigslist or google

kbodnar32 - i don't think the content or delivery is bad on mync
but you need community focused relevant ads
raleigh ads or nationals ads detract from the local feel
people want to find out about stuff in their town and down the street

missrogue - need to improve onramps and offramps
biz stone of twitter once said 85% of their traffic is offramps
wordpress is great platform to host for free, has empowered so many to publish

leewhite - how do you widgetize the content or customize, personalize the ui

missrogue - this will encourage click through
twitter has replaced the feed reader b/c of relevance and context

brianr - props to nbc17 for driving evolution of this citizen journalism
and hiring ginny and wayne to do this
his fave news coverage now is carrboro citizen
and they are doing a real paper, people still want this too
they're doing all free tools on web - dreamhost, wordpress
they have local ads
they have a start-up mentality

missrogue - think about importing tagged content from flickr, ma.gnolia, etc for photos, links, content, etc
ma.gnolia has groups for sharing links
there is grouptweet for grouping twitter like a listserv

jruckman - we're doing this (flickr tag) on cltblog for photo contrib

kdfrankl - need to find a way to get info about local events in different surrounding communities, like there is a concert in Wilmington this weekend

theRab - i think there are great sources of info all around already
there are lots of local blogs about politics, music, art, etc
it's just that they aren't necessarily easy to find or to pluck out the parts you want / need to know about in a timely fashion
there are blogs like dtraleigh ran by Leo that is great resource for Raleigh info, and he's doing some ad-hoc events with local community folks on the twitter scene
so if you wanted to know about the next Avett Brothers concert in NC (i do) or you want to see content from it, where do you go?
what about festivals, events etc?
today most are finding out about stuff like this through word of mouth on social networks
this is where the innovation comes in, to provide relevant content about a community

jruckman - gotten into brightkite b/c it provides events info from people in that area
and if we encourage folks to contribute content how do we compensate them?
there is amazon micro payment service where you can pay folks a fraction of a cent
then you could have this based on and participation -> popularity -> reputation

missrogue - there is also the gift economy
there is a certain recognition involved
she's done a lot of research on this
yelp is a good case - yelp insider
certain contributors become insiders, and get access to cool stuff and posh events

brianr - mentions bluenc that provide access to local politicians
and orangepolitics for it's deep community built up over time

leewhite - look at notion of economics in music industry
you should give away the content and sell the t-shirt
people want the stuff to associate with something they like
make a bobblehead to sell the brand

missrogue - winelibrary.tv and Gary V. (Vaynerchuk) is good example
Gary V is very authentic, he is real, he talks about what he knows, so you can trust him

brianr - built trust by authenticity

theRab - i saw good pitch on Fame and authenticity on RB this week from ROFLcon
the point made by David Weinberger was that flaws and imperfection prove authenticity and reputation now, where the opposite was once true in old media

another example a new biz model is label-free artist/musician Trent Reznor and band NIN with recent release Ghosts and this week The Slip album
all can download the music and then people will pay $399 for a custom LP
it sold a crazy amount, like $750K in first week with only word of mouth marketing on the web

- lunch break -
lunch was fantastic, thanks to camp organizers and Amelia's Cafe + Chamas Churrascaria
we ate salad, meat wrapped in bacon, more salad, and delicious desserts
missrogue described the background of what whuffie is, where term originated
discussed different social networking services: moonri.se, tripit, brightkite, twitxr, plazes, ffffound, yubnub

session 2 - how is journalism changing with culture/tech? - led by jruckman & kdfrankl

brianr - have you read the cluetrain manifesto?
missrogue - it is the canon of our time
must read if you haven't

missrogue - competing interests of news outlets
how to balance?

jakebohall - what about people ranked news, where statements or news feeds are ranked, is there anything like this?
missrogue - there is (asks twitter for help remembering) - sites like ireport and jyte

session 3 - switching gears to discussing Co-Working

missrogue - telling the story of how co-working began
ryan hudson blogger - made video
everyone starting noticing, google group blew up
original location was in hat factory
moved to south park, citizen space opened
alex hillman opened in Seattle
another in Portland
main list grew and grew, 40+ spaces popped up

missrogue - everyone says that if they were going to move here, it would be to Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area b/c there is such a community; barcamps happening all the time, social media club, co-working starting

links to look at co-working group
they have a mailing list, blog, wiki
this is the SF site http://citizenspace.us/about/our-philosophy

co-working's values are web2.0's values
it's about local
transparency - open discussion, no NDAs
accessible - financially and physically
hosting events
cozy but functional
being green, sustainable, paperless

brianr - talked about carrboro co-working
site is maybe decided, look for announcement soon
local gov't and biz are very supportive of this effort

brianr - there is a concept also of multi-modal transportation
cost of connection to web vs transportation - get big employers to support this

socialtext offers a chunk of their space to co-working and barcamps
redhat hosts our local RDU barcamps
partly it's brand building, but it's about connecting and building community really

session 4 starting - balancing tech with culture / behavior - led by leewhite

look at gobigalways blog last week titled - we need a social software inbox
theRab - look at elsua on twitter, he's an IBM software software evangelist who has given up on email and only interacts with people via social software as paradigm shift experiment, look on his blog for more background. this is a topic we're very keen on exploring within IBM because IBM is and has a web2.0 microcosm contained within it, with all of the cultural, social, economic and technology aspects that define that
leewhite - Andrew McAfee - harvard prof who coined 'Enterprise2.0' term said something must be 9 times better to succeed and get people to change their mind about it or adopt something new
missrogue - book suggestion: made to stick, chapter 1 is important to read
brianr - you can buy it by the chapter, it's a new experiment with publisher
leewhite - tagging needs to be layered in it's use, multiple tags to follow a path or subject
tagclouds shouldn't be one-dimensional
theRab - also, i think there is another side to the 9 times rules, there is the social or cultural side to understanding new tools, processes etc
adoption and use has cultural acceptance issues also, see enterprise2.0 for example

brianr - how to manage so many streams and info and tools?
missrogue - that is what she calls being a master futzer
this is where someone is able to balance and consume input from multiple sources like twitter, blogs, etc - and this isn't about being productive
you are a master knowledge broker
leewhite - this is talk of being busy vs bursty
brianr - we need to have a session about this at BarcampRDU
waynesutton - thinking about a musical chairs thing

leewhite - so after all this talk what did you take away from this? [to Danny Ayers]
dayers - we have a lot to take away from this but the main thing is the different perspectives that come from folks not inside the newsroom, that is very valuable to the community

talking about rights, sharing content, coverage
wrap, goodbyes, thanks everyone

note: see video stream archive
see tweets on hashtags (#myncCamp) and tweetscan (mync and myncCamp)

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