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Thursday, May 01, 2008

the future internet must be stopped

i attended the Jonathan Zittrain keynote at web2.0 expo. it was prerecorded. however, the message was interesting and i jotted down a few notes. the gist is that the internet is a victim of it's own success, and increasingly control is removed from the individual in this open system. his lesson for the web2.0 audience, and internet netizens at large, is that we must innovate and foster use of generative technologies to maintain decentralized control of the Internet, while resisting closed systems that remove access from the everyday person.

  • internet annoyances will push users to closed appliances e.g. iphone
  • "winner take all" network effects are bad for individual and community e.g. facebook
  • cloud should learn from desktop era qos
  • web2.0 platforms need governance
  • read your terms of service, demand more security as app writers on the cloud platforms
  • internet is at a constitutional moment
  • the internet is now like the formation of the united states
  • everyone is really nice, and if they're not, just move west i.e. US1.0
  • we need checks and balances and separation of powers on the internet
  • James Madison invented a operating system for government that is a big shell game
  • this became US2.0
  • answer is often ad-hoc community based models
  • foster elements of citizenship with bottoms-up community model
  • otherwise we have to depend on corporations or government, both have big drawbacks
  • these aren't enough notes, so watch the video....

Zittrain wrote a book on the subject titled "The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It." i won a copy of the book from the conference coordinators for my participation on the Web2Expo Crowdvine social network. there is also an article on bbc news entitled "Stark Warning for Internet's Future."

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