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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Take Note of These Web2.0 Themes and Services

Over arching Web2.0 Expo themes were:
  • Enterprise2.0 - How are we bringing Web2.0 into the Enterprise? Wikis, Collaboration
  • Cloud Computing - Hardware, SaaS (software as a service), the web is the computer, Green hardware, Grid, Power consumption
  • Mobile Web - Emerging markets mobile penetration is huge, apps, there is no mobile web, there is just the web.
Enough rambling...

Sites, Services and Software I noticed were:
Twitter - conversation based presence / micro-blogging with sms interaction - i know i know twitter is not new but....
twitter is THE social networking backchannel!
if you're not interacting with folks here, you're missing the conversations.
there are rich mashups, bot, services, rich clients popping up around Twitter API to interact with Twitter communities / social graph.

Crowdvine - social networking for conferences - this was the official social network for the conference this year. i won recognition for my participation and use from the conference coordinators. here is my profile from the conference.

Ning - build your own social network - Founded by Marc Andreessen of Netscape fame (his web2.0 keynote session)
ibm examples and those i am a member of: greateribm and socialcarolina

Fireball - location based social networking + event mashup - beta for time period of conference only, mashup of Fire Eagle (Location sharing service), Twitter and Upcoming (Events sharing)

Brightkite - location based social networking - big launch around week of Web2.0 Expo, twitter integration, sms interaction, geo mapping in network
my stream

Dooplr - travel schedule sharing - Fire Eagle integration for location awareness
my trips

TripIt - travel plan organization - haven't used this yet, but it had buzz from attendees, early adopters, they are wishing for Dopplr integration

Dash - Internet connected GPS aware car navigation system (keynote video)

Chi.mp - Content and Identity Hub - pre-launched on Mashable.com week of Web2.0 Expo - data portability is a big deal, not sure how/if Chi.mp addresses this or plays in this space, need to learn more

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