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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

@triangletweetup L:calvert march 6 2008 #recap

pre-tweetup meetup at McGregor Draft House
attended by @abbyladybug @beebo_wallace @k1v1n @tabangel7 @cpengel @critter @kbodnar32 @theRab(me) @waynesutton @snoopdave @jefftippett @jreesnc
beers and burgers
i received a moo card from abbyladybug! (cool)


Triangle Tweetup this way

location - Calvert Holdings
Calvert Creative hosts @glowbird @jefftippett
appetizers and bar!
tweetup organizer @waynesutton
wiki organized
~30 attendees
ustream.tv video stream recorded
twitter projected on screen
nametags worn by attendees

first tweetup was in Raleigh on March 6th 2008
5 attendees
@theRab @ginnyskal @dgtlpapercuts @shepherdfx @waynesutton
Helios coffee - downtown raleigh
topics: photography, ustream.tv (archive video), nbc17 community


@waynesutton kicks off #triangletweetup

tweetup is for:
  • community building
  • putting faces to avatars
  • socializing
  • focus recognition on Triangle as a Tech hub
  • demos of cool twitter related products
  • evangelize twitter and it's use in social media

intros and attendees
140 words or less - ha

topics discussed

hashtag contest
whoever uses the most hashtags tonight wins an ipod shuffle from social carolina

seesmic demo - @critter
critter is new developer at seesmic
critter likes tattoos, he has a new seesmic raccoon tattoo
seesmic is newish video conversation network
he talked about new and upcoming features

strawpoll demo
pen vs paper?
polling via twitter - tweet your answer
no rob present :(

fired for twitter? @cpengal was... it's a long short story
how to generate more followers?
why do you follow?
why do you twitter?
why do you block?
how to you use twitter to gain audience for your business?
how to you use twitter to gain audience for your blog?
foreign language twitter followers
do you follow them, do they follow you? why, why not?
(ironically i got my first that very day - @juancarzola)

so pownce has better tech
but twitter has the tribe
twitter vs pownce is like myspace vs facebook
people go where the community is
not necessarily where the best ui or api is

twitter down time - is it a problem?
what if twitter goes away or is bought/sold?


@waynesutton twitter is a user managed hyper-local, micro-blogging conversation web application that's ask what are you doing

wonderwebby Twitter is just @ & @ instead of create mail, find name, write subject, write body, format, send, receive, open, read, close, delete/ file

glowbird @therab The Triangle Tweetup was an beer-supported, media-drenched, social creative mash-up! Do we need hashtags for each of these? :)

dtraleigh @theRab tech, what gadgets people were using

kbodnar32 @theRab how media can use twitter

waynesutton @therab take a look at #twemes #triangletweetup stream http://twemes.com/triangletweetup

girloncamera @theRab: Thanks! It was cool. :)

abbyladybug Start using #hilarityensues whenever possible! you do follow @hashtags, right? History: http://snurl.com/2164i

waynesutton @theRab lol you're right wha a difference 2 months make.. from 5 to over 30 people attending

waynesutton @therab @kbodnar32 @critter @brianr @dtraleigh @ginnskal @leewhite @billwashere @snoopdave are at #triangletweetup

waynesutton hey, it's ok we'll just use the replies & http://www.hashtags.org/tag/triangletweetup/ hashtags, thanks

tweet140 @theRab You tweet like a swan. Your 108 avg and 15 twooshes is graceful, but if you spread your wings your tweets will fly like the falcons.

BrianR do you know the address of Calvert Holdings? I wana put a google calendar link on the wiki

links shared and discussed

http://socialcarolina.org is a calendar of social media and tech happenings in the triangle
http://triangletweetup.pbwiki.com is the wiki where we organize the tweetup(s)
http://twitter.com/rdch is the social carolina twitter stream
http://twitter.com/triangletweetup is what it sounds like
http://seesmic.com is a cool, new video conversation network, now in private beta
http://strawpollnow.com is a twitter based polling service
http://foodfeed.us is a twitter bot based food diary stream service
@abbyladybug on foodfeed.us
http://twemes.com/triangletweetup is a hashtag stream aggregator service
http://www.hashtags.org/tag/triangletweetup is a twitter tagging tracking service
http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/triangletweetup is all of the photos in flickr, tagged for this event

clients etc for tweeting
snitter Adobe AIR rich desktop client, platform independent, my current fave
twirl Adobe AIR rich desktop client, new
twitterrific Mac app, slick
flock social media streaming web browser

feed stream integration options
facebook - i don't do this, but chatty FB people do
tumblr - i do this, but abby says that's too noisy for a blog feed
friendfeed - i just signed up for this, but set to private for now
twitxr - i like this for google maps and geocoding in flickr integration

m.twitter.com mobile phone WAP or mini Opera browser option
tiny twitter Java on the phone app



twitter in plain english

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