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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

straight trippin' to the panhandle

i'm getting ready to go to FL on a trip with the family. here's a list for getting into a preparation mindset. please comment with suggestions. we're going to Panama City Beach. they call it the Emerald Coast the 'Red Neck Riviera' on the interwubs. still reading about it. all i know is, it has white sand beaches, clear blue water, and 80 degree temp this time of year. oh and we're going to miss MTV-U being there for Spring Break '08 by days. lucky us?!
  • the puppy - who is going to watch her? do we really have to board her? :(
  • new sunglasses - probably cheap ones, always losing them, currently without any
  • evaluate the beach chair situation - upgrade if need be
  • new swimsuit for her, preferably small ;)
  • map(s) - free, contact tourist board
  • parks - prices, times, only if they're beachy
  • need to order more contacts before i go
  • clean the car - we're driving there
  • local restaurants - where are the good eats? seafood, steak, what else
  • internet cafes - in case the condo 'high speed' connection is no go
  • plan out some photo-walking ops - see the parks, sights, beaches, what else?
  • tattoo shop - maybe. just kidding K. maybe. need to finalize design
  • beach towels and pillows - because ours are always better
  • books - what to read? 1 art, 1 tech, 7 comics, 1 graphic novel, 1 non-fict
  • bring my sketch book - for some drawrings and designs
  • breakfast - where are the local greasy dives?
  • what bands or music acts in town at the time
  • clubs, bars, dance clubs - how about salsa dancing or something
  • what weird activities are unique to the area, town or florida panhandle?
  • things to do or see on the road trip - the journey is part of the journey, right?
  • should we venture over to Destin or Panama City?
  • what about other area beaches? worth seeing? Sunnyside, Miramar, Blue Mountain...
  • 8 Questions to Ask in Every New Place (via b.polar.log)
  • what else? more to come .....

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