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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


here's a quick 10 point review of Jumper from the movie screening premiere i attended on 2/13.
  1. anywhere is possible. but what about into objects? it was an issue for Nightcrawler. you'd need to be sure about where you're going to end up. i guess this is why you establish repeatable jump points with photos. but what if you jump into a moving object? sounds messy.
  2. all this jumping around. then appearing and hanging out at odd times in impossible to reach places. someone is going to notice. there are cc cameras and satellites and kids with camcorder mobile phones everywhere. i'm just saying. how did he survive that long on his own?
  3. worm holes. there is an in-between space. you can hang out there? how long? what effect does that have on you? or matter in general? this makes me think of the Gloom from Night Watch. maybe i'm over thinking this. but it's what i do. it's my list. i need 10 points.
  4. Anakin vs Mace Windu, round 2. Mace has the upper hand with the element of surprise this time, but Anakin still has the better super powers. edge? Anakin. he is the one. wait, that's Neo.
  5. irish guy sidekick. funny. he's there for charm and his accent. i think he's irish what was his name? Griffin. yeah i knew there was a reason i liked this bloke. plus he has/had a super cool secret base, er LAIR in the desert under an old pyramid. wicked. and by wicked i mean totally sweet.
  6. babbling and back stories and hints about psuedo-religious over tones with ties to past sects of groups called Paladins hunting Jumpers because this power should only belong in the hands of God. meh. this is tired. i smell a fishing expedition for a trilogy.
  7. oh of course i was right. mom is a Paladin. under developed pseudo-melodrama. more meh. will she turn on her son? will she hunt him down? will the son go bad because he isn't loved/accepted/trusted by his family?
  8. but wait, there is another. oh yes. i don't know why. maybe i've always known. yes, you have a sister. what does this sound like to you? :)
  9. high school girlfriend. hmm. underdeveloped character for the purpose of setting up cgi drenched action, conflict and fight scenes.
  10. anywhere is possible with personal wormhole creation. if you could have any super power, this has got to be up there. the effects in this movie are totally cool, and the possibilities are endless. flight, invisibility, strength; these don't really touch teleportation since it's really a combination of all of these things.

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