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Thursday, February 07, 2008

how to reduce your real age

so you want to stay young forever right? well, according to Dr. OZ you need to:
  1. eat (the right) food
    • antioxidants - 5 srv daily
    • foods with dark colors in them
    • these foods protect you against cancer
    • soda alt -> Acai
    • white tea - 4 cups daily
    • red wine - 2 glasses (men); 1 glass daily (women)
    • spices like Cinnamon - decreases blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol
    • Ginger can decrease blood pressure, alleviate arthritis pain and reduce your risk of cancer
    • Curry can relieve arthritis pain and prevent Alzheimer's Disease
    • Paprika and Cayenne Pepper can reduce high blood pressure and improve circulation
    • Rosemary makes you smarter because it helps you concentrate, even the scent is beneficial
    • Fiber - 35 gm per day (men); 25 gm per day (women)
    • Oatmeal - the longer you taste it, the more of the fiber is absorbed
    • white foods are bad for you, stay away from them, pasta, bread, rice, etc
    • brown pasta, brown rice, etc is better
    • Jerusalem Artichoke Pasta is a good substitute
    • 100% whole grain is good; whole wheat is not good
    • Chia - magnesium, calcium, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids; breaks up good in oil
    • Flax Seed - omega 3 fatty acid, but you need to grind it up, not use the oil
    • Walnuts are good
    • Olive Oil - 1 to 2 tbsp per day - cannot fry oil (do not oxidize the oil!), put food in this oil first
  2. be sure to take your vitamins
    • 60 % of us don't get enough vitamin D on avg, you need 1000 IU
    • Calcium and Magnesium - take together
    • DHA Omega 3 - 600 mg
    • Multi-vitamins - pick the right amounts
      • take half in morning, half in afternoon
      • Pre-menopausal Women: no more than 5000 IU Vitamin A, with Iron
      • Men + Post-menopausal Women: no more than 2500 IU Vitamin A, No Iron
    • 2 Baby Aspirin - Age over 40
  3. exercise
    • you have to get moving
    • formula for your ideal heart rate is 220 minus age multiplied by .80
    • i.e. 220 - 33 x .80 = 150 BPM for me
    • but don't get your heart rate up to this number too quickly
    • this is good cardiovascular exercise, this is great for your heart
    • raise your heart rate to this number for minimally 20 minutes at least 3 times per week
    • but muscle burns 50 times more calories than fat does so aerobic exercise is important also
    • strength exercise is key here for your core and doing pull-ups - 2 basics, 30 min weekly
    • increase your flexibility
    • most people carry all of their stress in their hips
    • do some yoga - 3 basics are: do up dog, do down dog, and warrior stance
    • try tree pose and focus - and meditate
    • when you meditate, say "Yummm" - that vibration stimulates your sinus to release nitric oxide from your lungs and blood vessels
    • meditation is dramatic to your health and peace of mind
    • even 5 minutes per day is enough to make a difference
  4. smoking takes 10 years off your life (but stopping reverses this bit by bit)
  5. get some sleep and sex, but not necessarily in that order
    • this is the fundamental way we reboot ourselves
    • this is how our bodies produces growth hormone
    • lack of sleep literally ages you
    • it destroys your body and strips your years off your year span
    • centuries ago, when the sun went down, things naturally slowed down and got quiet and people went to bed in the dark
    • don't do things that jazz you up again
    • turn off computer, tv
    • flossing adds 5-7 years to your life
    • sleep at least 7 hours per night, but optimal is 9 hours per night
    • you need to have sex 2-3 time per week, every week
    • it is good for your body and health
    • women experience increased oxytocin
    • men have increased testosterone
    • couples have sex on avg 58 times per year
    • this is not enough, we need to double it minimum
    • sex adds 2-3 years to your life
Now after all of this advice take the real age test to see where you stand. Are you back? Good. Now, does that number adjust your perception of the advice in this list and what your actions should be? Thanks Oprah, and as always go to Oprah.com for more info. (I can't believe I just said that.)

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