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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

this year is the new year

  1. fiscally sound personal finances with focus on savings
  2. sport the size 34 pants
  3. maintain my statuesque greek god like figure while trimming the overall mass to a healthy sub-200 total
  4. take a photography class
  5. get our groove on, take a couples salsa dance class with my senorita
  6. quality couple time, go out on date night, twice monthly
  7. eat half of everything and add fruit plus juice
  8. make more
    1. art
    2. collage
    3. video
    4. photography
    5. illustration
  9. learn to play guitar
  10. make my presentations rock more
  11. more salsa, less sour cream
  12. more checkmarks, less checkboxes
  13. produce more, consume less
  14. more music, less tv
  15. more movement, less sedentary
  16. author and publish that family book with my sister
  17. find a haircut that works
  18. get a tattoo (or 2)
  19. travel by train, plane and automobile to 3 places i've not visited before
  20. go to Comic-Con with Richard
  21. appreciate more of what i have and who i am with
  22. give more forgiveness and gratitude
  23. practice the law of attraction
  24. organize my garage into a macho manly workshop paradise
  25. cook often
  26. train our dog not to urinate all over the carpet
  27. get more sleep
  28. read 4 good books
  29. help our boys become great at everything they do
  30. continue our new family traditions
  31. start up a movie viewing group
  32. keep on having 'boy day' each Saturday morning
  33. call Mom more often
  34. remove stress from my wife whenever and however possible
  35. live as an example for our boys
  36. break my addiction to bojangle's sweet tea (ah who am i kidding!)
  37. regular monthly guy's night out for my homies
  38. visit my cousin in DC
  39. visit my aunt, uncle and other cousins in Hotlanta
  40. make this the best year of my life


OperationOrange said...

I'm absolutely, 100% with you on # 20, and furthermore:

1. I need more of this myself.
2-3. Need some of this too, but won't ever see size 34 again.
8. I'm there... need to get off our asses and do something.
9. Way ahead of you here. Just bought msyelf a nice Martin DC-16 custom in black. (Does not work well with goal # 1).
13-14, and 8 all go hand in hand.
24. Come visit my garage for inspiration. I love it there. :-)
26. When you figure out what works, let me know. I have one that tends to mark on anything that hangs (shirts drying, bed covers, etc).

- rich.

Caroline Armijo said...

So happy that I made the list!

Jason & Ashley said...

big fan of 34....


shell said...

I might be able to help you with a stylist with my new cool job!!
I like it - we would like to join you on date night sometime!
You can check out my list on myspace! Happy New year!

Kim B. said...

#27...went to bed at 3:30 am. Need to work on that one!

the Rab said...

Let's try a little harder on #27...coming to bed after 2am...there's room for improvement.