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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tumblr 3.0 is shiny

well, tumblr is 3. and it's got a lot of new stuff packed in, with many things that have changed or improved. there are features that add the ability to reference posts better, which is a welcome addition to manage the stack list interaction model, and there are things like a more blatant content policy that seeks to define what you can or should do in your tumblelog.

here's a summary of new things i've noticed... in list form, since tumblelog's aren't really about writing... they are about things you've created, discovered, love or hate. (btw, where did this tagline go? i liked it) so in no particular order:
  1. even bigger form fields, b/c big form fields are sexy!
  2. ooh shiny! cleaner crisper minimalist design for what was already a clean crisp minimalist design - goodbye publisher, hello new dashboard. tight!
  3. channels - private stream for you and groups of followers
  4. advanced features on post creation for setting private posts, date, and tags (tags are good!)
  5. post audio - 1 per day mp3 uploads. could be interesting! maybe i can do this instead of utterz? to avoid feeding that through twitter or feed importing.
  6. even better still! voice to text posting via Jott - this blows my mind. no more twittering txt while driving. awesome!
  7. archive - a calendar view of your entire tumblelog, very cool, useful, visual
  8. content policy tells you not to import anything but your own content. then what are channels for? what about CC licensed share-alike redistributable content? more to the point, i want to import the video enclosure feed for RocketBoom. b/c it's cool and i/you may miss awesome things like this (as i did today).
  9. can only import 5 feeds - hmmm, this may become too constrained over time, maybe. but you can request more. those tumblr guys are so nice.
  10. pre-formatted feed support for last.fm and flickr removed - why? not that those are practical for the volume of entries my feeds produce; so maybe that's the answer.
  11. API - hack, mash, dev with half RESTful PHP to HTTP GET XML or JSON, and POST content, optionly w/ mult-part form data uploads
  12. click through link for photo posts. good, good.
  13. new theme wizard - neat idea, but oddly no more previews of rich masthead content
  14. some popular 3rd party themes added to the theme wizard palette - including those by Bill Israel and Cameron Hunt
  15. Vimeo video upload support baked into video posting and mobile! excellent! i must try this.
  16. you can embed your tumblelog as html/css in another blog/site - how will i/you use this? neat option. we'll see.
  17. post via AIM - do people still use AOL? i'd prefer a gtalk option.
  18. things discovered from Bill and Cameron's summaries: markdown is support for editing, want to make your own themes? go for it! mo' betta image lib via php, plus png & gif aren't downgraded to jpg. yes!! no more blurry images.
  19. and these are just the things i tumbled upon today. the tumblr blog says there are 400+ new features. so there's apparently much more to discover, thus reaffirming my love for what i think is the best (tumble)blogging platform in the world. go tumblin' today! go tumblr go!

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