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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Mist

i saw this flick tonight at a movie premier screening. it was good. dark. thrilling. Thomas Jane is really strong in it. and it’s a great Stephen King adaptation. Frank Darabont writes and directs. that usually means it’s a labor of love. and you can really tell it here. it’s a sort of timeless story that could take place in any small town USA. it’s an uneasy but even paced and well proportioned mix of psychological elements that touch on class, race, religion, military complex, family, religion, age, stereotype, mortality, hysteria, group think, survival instinct, and fear. and did i mention it has terror, horror, gore, swearing, dark humor and monsters? i don’t want to ruin it.

the monsters are a bit over the top but still terrifying in a B-movie 50s retro we’re all doomed kinda way. which is right for the feeling of this movie. they don’t believe the monsters are real either but they are stalking them all the same. and that’s the magic of this movie. what if time stopped right now where you are, with whatever people - strangers, family and friends - that are present, and you are trapped, paralyzed by fear, doubt and the unknown? what would you do?

i’d say where 30 Days of Night may have had the edge in the pure style / music department, this is a better and more tragic thriller. and to say this movie ends badly is an understatement. movies ending on a bad note is the new trend in horror. that and isolation. and white outs. snow and fog, er mist. nature is working against you.

so in summary. tragedy is the new horror, white is the new black, bad ending is the new ambiguous ending. go see this flick. 4 out of 5 giddy dingos.

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