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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Converge South Shout Outs Blogroll

These are some of the fine people of interest I met at Converge South last weekend:
Billy "The Blogging Poet" Jones
Rosie Reilman
Bill Stancill
Joe Wilson
Dave "Evil Genius" Slusher
David Hoggard
Dave Johnson
Dan Johnson
Bora Zivkovic
Wayne Sutton
Soni Pitts
Anton Zuiker
Jim Buie
Sue Polinsky
Donna Fryer
Sean Coon
Ed Cone
Dan Conover

Here are some interesting people that spoke who I did not meet:
Ben Hwang
Chris Rabb
Elisa Camahort
Will Bunch
Andy Coon
Brandon Gross and Saskia Wilson-Brown
Jason McHugh
Jason Calacanis
James "Angelico" Protzman
Amber Rhea

Here are some people I met for the second time, interestingly enough:
Ruby Sinreich
Brian Russell

Interesting (late but better than never) session notes and quotes coming up...

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