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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Converge South activity map

these are the sessions i attended at Converge South 2007:

Day 1 - Oct. 19
  • Parking Lot: Spoke with Anton Zuiker and Bora Z
  • Keynote: A Fireside Chat, with Jason Calacanis and Ed Cone (mod)
  • Panel Discussion: Step By Step, with Will Bunch, Joe Killian (mod) and Dan Conover
  • Panel Discussion: We Agree to Disagree, with Dan Conover (mod), Chris Rabb and Ruby Sinreich
  • Lunch: Talked with Bill Stancill and Rosie Reilman
  • Workshop: We Don't Need No Titles, with Billy Jones (and David Beckman)
  • Workshop: Informed and Online, with Chris Rabb, Will Bunch and Dan Conover (mod)
  • Dinner: Hoggard's BBQ, spoke with Dave Slusher, Janet, Dan Conover, Bill Stancill, Dave and Dan Johnson, Emily (Mama's Bloggin'), Soni Pitts, Jim Buie and David Hoggard
  • Evening: Music Festival @ The Green Burro with The Wigg Report (missed), Little Mascara and Thacker Diary Road
Day 2 - Oct. 20
  • Breakfast: Talked with Billy Jones, Joe Wilson
  • Keynote: Changing Your World with Blogs, with Elisa Camahort of BlogHer
  • Panel Discussion: Social Networking, with Elisa Camahort, Soni Pitts and Ruby Sinreich
  • Panel Discussion: Moving Pictures with Saskia Wilson-Brown, Jason McHugh and Brandon Gross
  • Lunch: Chatted with Wayne Sutton
  • Workshop: Story Blogging, with Anton Zuiker
  • Workshop: Better Blogging, with James Protzman and Ed Cone
  • Close: Sue Polinsky on volunteering and post-mortem wrap-up / feedback
  • Evening: Film Festival (missed but it's online now)

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