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Thursday, June 07, 2007

tumbling tumble tumblr mor

many say, you're a web nerd. (really?! thx!!) you should be hosting your own wordpress instance of cms nirvana. take control. make it your own. build it right. yeah. maybe i should. it's on my list.

okay so i kinda like the new layout stuff in blogger. it's pretty good. meh, pretty okay. they make it super simple to build out your traditional busy run-on sidebar style template blog. i've gots lists of links, lists of feeds, lists of lists, lists of videos, etc. i like lists. i can make lists all day. but it's an affliction. i must fight it. wait, blogs are lists. crap.

but really all i want is try a more simple approach. something with feeds & more declarative-ness. easier, more natural posting. simplification. maybe i'm making no sense. so here i go. tumblog is the way. it just feels right. i can has mor tumblrz (enough? okay.). so, i'm keeping the AIR/OSR/NIN/ARG tumblog going (under the mobthink title), and starting secondaryartifacts. and since it's going to suck in my feeds from various places, this post will undoubtedly show up there in moments. look, magic. hi everyone in tumblr reading this now.

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