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Monday, April 09, 2007

spider-man does whatever a super duper spider can

attention all friendly neighborhood spidey supa fans,

save yourself the extra moolah you'll spend on purchasing the opportunistic dvd double-dip spider-man 2.1 coming out this month. here is the extended fight scene you seek. just download it onto your ipod and have a fanboy geek-out session anytime. ah, who am i kidding?! you're going to buy the dvd anyway aren't you? you bought x-men 1.5 didn't you? you bought superman: the extended edition and superman II: the donner cut (both very very worthy btw). heck, you bought daredevil: the director's cut. see you in bestbuy in tues. (yes, i probably will as well in a shameful moment of bestbuy ocd weakness...)

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