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Friday, April 13, 2007

Art Is Resistance

i don't know if you've been following the NIN Year Zero ARG (i've been posting about it exclusively on my new tumblog) welp, a second public mural was revealed today; this time state-side (the first is in the UK). this was the scene @ Melrose & Ogden (via Hubblengc6872 in LA today). after an email was distributed to Open Source Resistence mailing list subscribers with somewhat cryptic instructions to meet up somewhat flashmob style respresenting in their AIRiest NIN gear. then a van showed up and distributed black AIR Ammo boxes to a lucky few (<50?), containing custom AIR tagging kits. still fewer apparently had a cellphone (Moto Pebble) inside & an invite to some sort of event on 4/18. alright. things are getting bigger. and the mural reveals another (the 27th) website in the YZ lore. follow along and/or get involved. many have already laid hands on the cd (drops state-side on 4/17) or laid ears on leaked tracks but the ARG shows no signs of slowing down. it appears to be accelerating even. and there is news that Year Zero part 2 is due in 2008. will the ARG go on this long? maybe TR is trying to really influence the '08 election via this free thought expression campaign ? maybe it's not an ARG? maybe it's action. maybe it's reaction. maybe it's another system of control.

maybe it is something more. maybe it is growing. maybe it's everything. maybe it's nothing. maybe my wife is right; maybe i don't know what i'm talking about.

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