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Thursday, February 08, 2007

psst, i have a secret

i just finished watching a show on Oprah about the secret.
i know i know. lay off. i watch it from time to time with my wife. this seemed to be an interesting panels of speakers. the secret seems to be a way of thinking, a spiritualism, to live a life of success. these are my notes:
the law of attraction and magnetism
everything that is attracted to you, that is happening to you

you have to have 3 things firing in the same direction
  1. thoughts
  2. feeling
  3. actions

everything is energy

everything is thought and feeling

there is no coincidence

you get what you expect

the universe has more than enough to give to everyone who asks

people tend to believe in scarcity, limitations, and

"if i can just make it to the end of the week"
"if i can just survive"

everything is energy, it is never destroyed
it becomes exactly what you put your attention on
this eliminates envy, jealousy, plundering
there is enough good for every single being

been teaching this for 20-30 years

what you focus on expands

nothing new can come into your life unless you're grateful for what you have

appreciate what is there

in order to hold on to something new, you have to be willing to let go of something old
if you want something new or great in your hand, what's currently in your hand?
let go of your old love, your old story, your old life, your old job, your old relationship
we look at better as if something is wrong with now
unconscious fear, doubt become real

spiritual growth is not about religion or teaching religion

keep a gratitude journal

give forgiveness

forgiveness is a gift
true forgiveness is being able to say "thank you for giving me that experience"
everything is a gift, it's just in work clothes sometimes
every experience i've had has helped to make me who i am, and i love him
when you're in the midst of a bad situation that you want to end, ask yourself: "if this were to last forever, what quality would i have to change or grow to have peace of mind?"

what about love?
here's an example couple
no sex for 1 year
i don't have his mind
they were living like college roommates

she started focusing on what she did appreciate about her husband
and not on any resentments
she learned to be grateful

she said
i am beautiful
i do deserve passion

passion returned to the marriage and their romantic relationship re-blossomed

energy flows where attention goes

what about health?
start each day, waking up and say to yourself, i am thankful for being health for having health

stop dieting, diets don't work
choose to become healthy and whole
do you belive you have the right to be healthy?

there are 3 steps
  1. ask
  2. believe
  3. receive

to recieve is to get you out of the way
when you talk about action, you walk in the direction of what you want
there are symbolic actions that form energy

it's not always what you can get, but what you can give or what value does your action have?

it would be great to start your children to think this way
start today, learn the secret for yourself.


What Is The Secret

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