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Saturday, February 17, 2007

hey baby, you can do it

i'm going to see gwen & her harajuku girls live on monday, may 14th. i haven't bought her solo albums. the last one i got was the no doubt greatest hits. you know, it's a tragic kingdom. wind it up.

underneath it all, it's my life. i live a simple kind of life. sixteen ex-girlfriends are running bathwater for new spiderwebs. monkey man trapped in a box but the world go 'round. i know the concert will be hella good. i'll be so excited on sunday morning.

my girl ain't no holla back girl. she's way cool. neo luxurious. semi serious. bubble pop electric. she's not a rich girl. she's just a girl.
the real thing.

we have a long way to go. let's enter the danger zone. what are you waiting for?

hey you. happy now? don't speak. end it on this.

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