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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

this is the best TV i watched in 2006

my opinion. my taste. add it to your tivo prefs this year.
  1. Battlestar Galactica - Season 2.5 & 3.0.1
    too much to write. this is the best show on TV.
  2. Heroes - Season 1
    i didn't think this could work. but it is working out to be a great great show.
  3. ALIAS - Season 5
    Syd, what can i say? there are like 47 reasons this was the best spy show going. why do people think LOST and Prison Break are better? i say not. good end to a great show.
  4. Grey's Anatomy - Season 2
    i didn't think i could like this show. but it's something my wife and i can watch and get hooked on together. so i give it some points.
  5. 24 - Season 5
    Jack is back to erupting screaming shouting intense consistent actionable efficiency.
  6. The Office - Season 2 & 3
    consistently side-splittingly HI-larious.
  7. My Name is Earl - Season 1
    OH SNAP! this is my alter-ego.
  8. Scrubs - Season 5
    the one where Carla was preggers and Bambi was not.
  9. Blade - Season 1
    took a couple of eps to get into the groove and feel this, but i needed a vamp show to replace the void that Angel + Buffy left. too bad it's not coming back. :(
  10. How I Met Your Mother - Season 2
    funny witty hip sarcasm.
  11. Desparate Housewives - Season 3
    i still watch this dreck, but it's a forced habit now. kinda like our late season Friends addiction.
  12. Dancing With The Stars - Season 2
    the one with the 'lil dancin' Lachey bro. stylin'!
  13. The Daily Show - anytime it's on
    this is the gold standard.
  14. The Colbert Report - Season 1
    the daily show, you're on notice.
  15. American Idol - Season whatever....
    the one with Soul Patrol & the Mcphever. gawd i hate myself.

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