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Sunday, January 14, 2007

stevie j has one more thing for weekend update

the iphone. i'm excited.
the iphone is a product that will revolutionize the way we communicate.
because it's not just a phone, it is a full screen video ipod with touch sensitive controls.
it holds 2 billion songs. 2 billion songs. billion. with a 'b.'
you can watch movies on it. you can watch 'the office.'
ichat. iphoto.
you can film a movie while watching a movie and making a phone call, all while watching your favorite episode of 'the office.'
you can ichat with your ifriends while browsing the internet.
you can listen to your favorite U2 song while you're on a 10-way iconference call.
on/off button.
a high resolution screen so you can watch the lastest installment of 'the office.'
it holds over 150 kabillion contacts.
it has a clock.
it automatic calls your best-friend when you need a 'what what.'
flashlight. starbucks. igenie.
right, you rub it and it'll grant you 3 iwishes.
wow, i can't wait to get one.
iphone! it has everything you'll ever need.
how much battery does it have?
20 minutes.

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