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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

an inconvenient blog

i watched an inconvenient truth last night. i knew what it was about. i knew what it was going to say. i knew it wasn't going to be good. i thought i was prepared for it. i was not. it blew me away. i am thinking about it all the time now. everything else just kinda fades into the background now. everywhere i go, i'm sizing things up. what matters most?

you should really watch this movie. leave your preconceived notions of politics and science and religion at the door. if you don't particularly like Al Gore, that's okay. this isn't about Al Gore or the democrats or anything. it's about you and me and your children. it's about our world and us. this is the first movie, in his 39 years of reviewing movies, that Ebert has said "you owe it to yourself to watch this film." i understand what that means now. i know this is a tough sell to many people who consider themselves to be in the bush camp or the conservative camp or the christian camp or the "right" camp, or whatever "anti-tree-huggers" camp. i understand that. healthy skepticism is okay. you can have that. watching this movie does not change any of that and does not seek to change your political ideology or religious ideals. it is not about that. it is about cold hard facts. it is about change. it is about survival. if you deny the truth, then you are already lost. you have nothing to lose. but if you watch this film. if you bear witness to these startling facts and observations and trends, you will be shocked. you will realize we have everything to lose.

i've noticed the temperature changes. there hasn't been a decent snow since the year 2000 here in the Triangle NC. i remember being snowed out of school for days and weeks in my childhood. there don't seem to be definitive seasons anymore. it was 60 degrees outside today, and i haven't worn a winters coat in the last 2 winters. why was i still mowing in the first week of December?

i noticed in the news this week that a large chunk of ice (described as the size of Rhode Island) broke free from the arctic icecap. now i can't find the new article. did i imagine it? but i digress.

things i'm thinking about now:
  1. will Raleigh be beach front property when those Antarctica icecaps and Greenland melt? or should we all be looking at property for our grandkids in the Appalachians now?
  2. if we want to spread the word, and give this dvd to everyone, can we get it cheaper than $19.99? i can't afford to spread the word at this price. really, this should be more cheap if you want to woo the "i don't want to give my money to the money-grubbin' liberal elite Michael Moore, er Al Gore camp."
  3. can i convince my wife that the next car must be a hybrid? is the Prius sexy and roomy enough for her stubborn yet practical sensibilities?
  4. is it possible that we should prepare for some event other than terrorism? i'm just asking, because 100's of thousands people displaced by climate change dwarfs any terrorist act ever conceived. and that's on the really low side.
  5. are the polar bears due to become a myth perpetuated exclusively through holiday ads by the Coca-Cola co. much like Santa Claus?
  6. how can i really worry about this supposed climate crisis when there are like 19 other doomsday scenarios looming? just kidding...
  7. can you refute the scientific basis of global warming and the findings presented here? i know people have tried to present a case for "it's a cyclical trend" or something like that before. can you send me a valid counter-arguement? a valid one. with like facts and stuff. really. i would like to read it. in all sincerity. i hope that it could be true that climate change is not in fact happening. do i ever. if you can back it up. send me email. comment on this blog. get me something to go on.
things you can do now:
  1. watch the movie (you can borrow it from me)
  2. spread the word to others to watch the movie.
  3. go to climatecrisis.net for tips on what you can do.
  4. educate yourself and your children.
  5. watch the news. it ain't getting better.

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