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Monday, January 22, 2007

there's no time, i need you to tivo my shows, right now!

download both shows to his jack bauer wouldn't have this sort of problem. he'd have chloepda while en route to eat some mexican and kick back a cold one. but now i have a dilemma. i need to watch 24 & heroes at the same time. not to mention overlaps with scrubs/30rock & grey's anatomy.

enter tivo. i'm ordering a DT series 2 tivo stat. i've already got the toast 8 in the mail, so that i can transfer tivotogo
shows to my ipod, phone or burn to dvd on my mac. chloe ain't got nothing on me jack!

oh and here's the silly 24 ning google maps fanboy mashup. i'm a true fan. are you?

24 Map

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