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Saturday, May 13, 2006

I am tripping so hard

this 'pleix' stuff is strangely entertaining. i don't know if you will like it. check out plaid itsu and basemant jaxx kish kash.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chris was robbed. r-o-b-d. robbed.

we (NC) hearted you Chris. you were the only 'cool' one in the 'not blue-sy cool' sort of way. now, you are gone from the idol stage. shame on you america. can't you see? he is/was your next america idol. how could he have been lower than oh i don't know - Elliot?!? it boggles the mind. my girl & her moms voted for the dude like clear over 250 times in the last couple of shows. oh well. we're boycotting the show now. (yeah!) now, will he lead Fuel? who can say. keep on rockin' mah man. we had a hot lame one tonight. chin up dog.

anywho, i'm sure there is more to come from chris daughtry

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots @ E3

FOXHOUND is reborn! check out the special E3 hideoblog and kojima productions mini-site.

Heavenly Sword for PS3 @ E3 with Motion sensitive controller

Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 @ E3

Monday, May 08, 2006

PS3 does it's little dance on the catwalk @ E3

"Wii" all spun around in a "360" when the utterly awesomer PS3 was announced today at E3... here's a few of the high points. 1080p resolution launch games including Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Final Fantasy XIII, to name but a very few. Brand new identical controller, but now upgraded with bluetooth and motion-sensors (trés revolutionary, no?) giving it "six degrees of freedom(?)" ok, moving along. it'll come in 2 sizes. ventre (20GB HDD) and grande (60GB HDD) with 2 mucho más dinero price-tags, the lowest being 100 smackers more than the fully decked 360. but, settle down; you get blu-ray (HD movies, people!) in the box, remember. and one more thing (sorry steve). the PlayStation Game Network (actual name TBD) - free. totally free. loads of features matching or surpassing Live, for, that's right, free. oh, i almost forgot; and linkage to the PSP (whatever). standard wi-fi connection (check!). blah blah blah. so many bells and whistles, no more time. so there you have it grrls and gnerds. the PS3. simultaneous world-wide launch in early Nov. 2006. reserve yours today. oh and start saving those pennies. it's going to hurt your piggie bank. big time. oh glorious pixels. why must you tempt me so?!

and check out the live blog coverage of this E3 event from the fine maniacs at engadget & joystiq. pretty cool. next best thing to being there.

Yub nub!

Fans can look forward to a September filled with classic Star Wars nostalgia, led by the premiere of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy video game and the long-awaited DVD release of the original theatrical incarnations of the classic Star Wars trilogy. In response to overwhelming demand, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release attractively priced individual two-disc releases of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Each release includes the 2004 digitally remastered version of the movie, as well as the original theatrical edition of the film. That means you'll be able to enjoy Star Wars as it first appeared in 1977, Empire in 1980, and Jedi in 1983.

See the title crawl to Star Wars before it was known as Episode IV; see the pioneering, if dated, motion control model work on the attack on the Death Star; groove to Lapti Nek or the Ewok Celebration song like you did when you were a kid; and yes, see Han Solo shoot first.

It will finally be mine, all mi... er, yours September 12. And I, i mean you, can retire your old semi-mint VHS versions to the air-tight display case for your children to one day ask: what is VHS? what do you do with those?

And then there were 4 idols

more on this.... after the break.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wait a tic, isn't Bond still English?

right! yes he is. here is the non-French version. for joe and other anti-French blokes.

oh and don't forget to check out the casino royale (w/ cheese) movie site.

Bond is back

i saw mi-3 friday with the work crew. it was good. very good. but more on that later. check out the french trailer clip from Casino Royale. it works. it looks damn good. brosnan was getting a bit stale, formulaic. he's was good. he was more bond than dalton or even that guy in the 80's. but brosnan seemed to be going through the motions. it was almost parody for him. but this new take looks fresh. better than Mission Impossible? we'll see...

Spock's is living large and properous

G4TV cracks me up. but it's just too bad that their content is past the freshdate on the advertising now.