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Saturday, December 16, 2006

the sub vs. drm holiday music smackdown is on

well, i did it. i signed up for eMusic. part guilty / part giddy. 25 free downloads lures you in. ipod compatible! (read: MP3 downloads). but alas it is a subscription based model. and you all know how i feel about subscription based models. but for ~$10/month you can download 30 MP3s. to keep. maybe this is the best of both worlds. i'll let you know.

i have been working on my annual christmas music mix CD (usually titled "RAB's Eclectic Christmas Mix 200X") and i need to find more sources of awesome holiday tuneage. rip. de-drm. download.
it's not iTunes, but i won't have hang-ups gifting the music. after all the season is about giving.

share song list suggestions if you have 'em. neat imixes, or other lists. (i do enjoy a good list, mmmm, LISTS!) or mail me the old christmas cds you don't use.

i'll post the final song list as an iTunes iMix soon. or if you've been good this year, you may get a shiny custom labeled CD under your tree or keyboard.

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