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Thursday, November 16, 2006

will you play b3yond the midnight hour?

in l3ss than 24 hours the ps3 will launch in the US. they're alr3ady lined up in parking lots around the country, sinc3 most online r3tail3rs 3ith3r canc3ll3d their pr3-ord3rs or didn't offer th3m to begin with. this is only news to you or a surpris3 if you're not a gam3r. and r3ally, why both3r wh3n you hav3 50-100 p3opl3 camp3d outsid3 in the parking lot d3parat3 to snatch up the first shipm3nt?

it was (i think) August 26th 2000, when Richard Bryan and i camped out at the Burlington NC Wal-mart and bought our ps2s. we had to stand in line for ~6 hours to get one, and by sheer luck and the fact that we chose a remote-ish store. we were numbers 47 and 48 respectively out of the allocation of 51 ps2s that night. let me say, there were some disappointed people in that line that night. and then there were all of the nascent websites and forums and 'services' that tracked the ps2 and gamecubes supply chain as systems trickled out into the 'brick 'n mortor' stores and sites at a rate of like 2-10 per week leading up until christmas. and navigating that crazy landscape i managed to score another one, online even, by 12/20 - just in the nick of time (ugh) - for my brother.

now this go 'round, i'm not sure i even care all that much. many years and kids later, i don't game so much any more. i wish i did. but here i am, blogging about gaming. on the internet. on youtube. on iTunes. watching reality tv. reading about web2.0. not gaming. why is that?

xbox360 is out there and some are excited about it. but i can't figure out why? there are a couple of big games, but is it a revolution? wait, that's the Wii. an evolution? some many shortages, defects, green screens, overheating, and non-backwards compatibilities later, i'd say not. anyway, what is going to be the killer app? the change that re-vitalizes the languishing game biz? what is going to make me say, i gots to get some of that? is HD-DVD or blu-ray going to sway me? no, not without a phat new set on the wall. plus, are you really going to buy another perpherial that plays a DVD format that isn't a standard to serve as the basis for your new home theater? i should say not. and all of the game perpherial sales stats support this big time.

playstation dominated the 90's. the ps2 dominated the last 5 years. (sorry haters, xbox was a financial, market and gaming failure. halo? ok, but name another game that was innovative and successful that wasn't a port of the PC or ps2 original. that's what i thought.) and the ps3 is set to dominate the next 7th generation era of gaming consoles. what about xbox360? what about it? while everyone is whining about the cost of the ps3, 360 actually costs more than ps3 for less features/specs. no, i won't explain this to you. do your homework, and do the math. you'll see. another interesting point is one made by a writer in this month's OPM mag. he states that the over-hyped promises of the prior gen consoles are fulfilled or realized with the next gen console. ps3 is set to deliver on the hype of the ps2 like no other console before it. or will it simply be a 3peat for sony. that's even a better bet. don't doubt the strength of sony. look at the similarities. and of course the doubts. but still, it's hard to deny the lessons of history. plus, when you also consider the xbox360 as a 'dreamcast2.0' and the fact that they've already failed in Japan before the ps3 even came out, the writing is definitely on the wall.

th3 only qu3stion now is, will you "play b3yond" or not? w3'll s33.

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