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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Please practice proper Wii hygiene & etiquette at all times for great victory!

Reuters/Second Life - Nintendo’s Fils-Aime on Wii and Second Life:
"AR: Someone in the audience has put up a video on YouTube, he’s playing his Wii maybe a bit too vigorously, the controller slips out of his hand and becomes a projectile. I know there are extensive warnings, but do you maybe need a stronger hand strap?

RFA: We keep telling people three things: When you’re playing Wii and your hand gets sweaty, you gotta wipe it off. And you have to properly attach the strap, some people aren’t quite doing it the right way, which can lead to the Wii remote potentially flying off. And the third piece, a lot of consumers when they’re playing Wii Bowling are actually letting go of the Wii remote like it’s a real bowling ball.

AR: They shouldn’t do that?

RFA: They shouldn’t do that. So wipe off your hands, use the Wii properly, and don’t throw the remote.

AR: Practice proper Wii hygiene?

RFA: Exactly. Proper Wii care is very important."

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