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Friday, November 17, 2006

no ps3 for you

well, i didn't get one. the bestbuy guy misled me on the phone last night. he said that they weren't allowing any campers or lines outside the store, and they were opening the doors at 8am. i figured, "cool, that's the place to just show up and get one in the morning." and by the estimations on ps3seeker, bestbuy was going to have the most inventory (26-60). but no, when i got there at 7:59am, there were already people streaming out of the store, hooting and hollerin' about their new ps3s. they gave out tickets an hour earlier and they were all gone. and so, there were none at target(8 systems, 30 24-hr campers) or wal-mart (6 systems, gone at midnight), and ebgames and gamestop only had inventory for their pre-orders. and the auctions have begun on ebay, and people are asking $1200 on craigslist. it's that time of the year people. crazy elmo / cabbage patch time.

so, the hunt is so now on.

it will b3 min3. oh y3s, it will b3 min3.

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