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Friday, November 24, 2006

my ps3psp obsession stage 4: euphoria

Always Black Friday
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we're in wal-mart at 3:48 am. It's black friday people. the trophies? GBA micro for $40. iDogs for $10. stick broom $12.77. 6" DVD players for $49. 10" DVD tablets for $169. plush egyptian cotton bath towels $3.50. various DVDs for $1.88 & $3.44 (mostly crap of course).

oh yeah it's on! we're blitzin' action alley, baby!

Walmart blitz
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the dust has settled in the chaotic electronics section. looks like a bomb went off. and then i see it. past the empty glass cases for ps3, wii & the sale-priced 360. PSP for $169. last one left. i take it. i put it in the cart. she is skeptical. "why do you need that?" i don't know, i don't know, but it is mine! MINE!

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