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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

my ps3 obsession stage 3: depression

ok, so i didn't win any of those ps3s on eBay. i mean, i couldn't win. i am happy and sad. i don't need a ps3 but i want one. it is irrational. i've been past the empty glass cases in both of the local targets and the wal-mart. must walk on.

i mean, there aren't any good games anyway. resistance is no gears of war, is it? it seems like a slightly prettier repackaged killzone, right? the tony hawk game is on the ps2. i have like 20 ps2 games at home that i haven't finished. when am i going to finish them all? when?

i'm trapped in a glass cage of emotion. tomorrow i'm going to eat some gravy. no, lots of gravy. and her homemade macaroni. oh yeah. pre-mexico diet get thee back.

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