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Sunday, November 19, 2006

my ps3 obsession stage 1: denial

ok, just so you know, the ps3 is out. and in fact, it's sold-out. i couldn't get one on launch day. i tried. but not that hard. i mean, it's not like i care that much. i mean, whatever man. i would play a new ps3 if you gave me one. or maybe i would hang out with my next door neighbor Ed with his 65" toshiba HDTV and play a little 'resistance' - maybe kill a few monsters. you know, if i felt like it. if i had the time. but i'm not really thinking about it that much. i happened to be on ebay like 3-4 times in the last couple of days. and you know, i glanced at the auctions. but i'm not paying 5 large for a freaking game system. even if it did include in person vip delivery to my door anywhere in the continental US. even the ones that are shipped via normal channels are like $1000 to $2500. i'll pay like $650 maybe $799 tops.

but it's not like i care that much. i mean who's got the time? i played poker friday night in the monthly 'hood texas hold 'em tourney. Saturday i went to the ACC block party at Bill & Julie's. got all decked out in my finest red & white (from State and we know we are best) to watch (go to H-E-double hockey sticks Carolina)
the tarheels spank us. then i went to the Canes game to watch Staal get a hat trick and dash the stars (take that Firebaugh) 5-4. when did they even score that fourth goal? aaron and me and the crew didn't even notice it. and today, i had a lot to do. taking the fam to the devil-mart and target to shop for incidentals and work on the christmas wishlists for the boys. i mean, i did scout over by the game isles to recon the sitrep. there weren't any ps3 of course but you know. i was just browsing. no big. no wii either.

i don't have a problem. i can quit looking for a ps3 anytime. i'm just having fun with it. you know, it's something to do in between my busy and important social calendar. you know, i don't know if you know this or not, but i'm kind of a big deal. i have many techie reference books. my study smells of rich crown and ionized particles.

psst, hey buddy... so have you seen any ps3s? you know, whatever. i mean, it's not like i'm john edwards or anything. i mean, that guy's in serious ps3 OCD denial.

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