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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dreaming of azul aqua y playacar en mexico

i'm trying to narrow down the options between 5 Riu resorts in Mexico for a Dec getaway. i think i've eliminated the Cancun resorts (Cancun y Caribe) due to the large towers and small strip of beach line. they are close to the hotel strip/party zone, but how much spring break style clubbin' are we going to do byourselves in dec? so the lush grounds and ultra wide beaches with towering palms of the Playa del Carmen (Tequila y Playacar) resorts look better to me, even with the lower 'star' ratings.

Riu Playacar slideshow from TripAdvisor reviews. it's rated tops for couples/romantics. this is my top picK so far. need to look at Tequila and Yucatan next. i'm down to 3. what do you think, burles?

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