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Thursday, October 12, 2006

if you're not upset, you're not paying attention

I sincerely hope you are never mistaken for a criminal, general "bad guy," or dare i say terrorist by some act of misunderstanding or perhaps by questioning the role and actions of your government. Or you may never be heard from again. If still another candidate from a differing party is elected to this highest office; and has sole discretion over the unprecedented authority of the executive and influence, nay, now - right - given by the legislature to ignore the judicial branch, then will you then feel safer that due process of law will be on your side when it is not the will of those that wish to exert control over you? Chew on that for a while America. Land of the free. Can there now be liberty and justice for all? Or is that an opinion or fleeting notion of assumption. Are you in the mainstream now? What is the mainstream? You cannot decide.

Habeus Corpus R.I.P. 10/2006.

Help help, I'm being repressed.

Exit soapbox stage right.

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