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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i am getting on with my ilife

it is with great trepidation that i venture out. away from my dotmac ilife. i have decided not to continue my dotmac subscription. some of you are saying "dot-what?" it's ok, go back to your windows. still others - "GASP!" many would say, "you use dotmac why?" ok i like it. it creates pretty photo albums with this slick thing called homepage. it's password protected and i haven't run out of space yet. but dotmac costs $100/yr. a Flickr-pro acct costs $24 and change/yr. so it's history.

what will my ilife be like without dotmac? i am unsure. i won't be entitled to a mac.com email address. but i just fwd those things to my yahoo address anyway. i won't be able to use "backup" to my idisk. but i use "backup" to my lacie firewire hdd anyway. i won't be able to publish cool slick homepage photoalbums on the web via iphoto. oh wait, they took that feature away in ilife '06 anyway and replaced it with the clunky iweb. plus i can use iphoto->iweb to publish to the actual web. and i plan to use flickr as my prime web photo home from now on anyway. i won't have an idisk. i don't use it now except hosting all of the auto-publishing done via ilife. i won't be able to "blog" and podcast via iweb. oh wait. here is my real blog on blogger (so meta). i haven't blogged on my idisk since i used iblog back in '03. and it wasn't a dotmac tool anyway. i won't be able to "share" slideshows or "photocast." ok this slideshows feature isn't used b/c you can only share with other dotmac or perhaps just mac users. this is crazy. i haven't convinced my mom to switch yet. my dad bought her an HP laptop b/c it was on sale at christmas. it's going to take some more time. but i digress. where was i? oh yes; what exactly is photocasting anyway? it sounds like a podcast only it's nothing like that. you can only share photos with other iphoto users. right. even better. i can't create quicktime movie pages in homepage via imovie. the one time i tried this, i got a data transfer overage error and my homepage was shuttered. so i'll just use youtube, thx. bookmark sync, ical sync. come on. i use del.icio.us.

so i hope i'm not overlooking something really obvious and monumental. we'll see. here begins the next day of "my so-call ilife." ilife goes on... back to playing with themes in idvd. maybe one day i'll fire up garageband and become an internet rockstar sensation.


Caroline Armijo said...

As you know, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what to do with the 1500 pictures I took in Europe. I have spent the last two days creating a web page in iWeb. It is pretty good, but I realize that my slideshows will not be that fabulous because I don't have a .mac account. I was too lazy to create new folders for flickr, so this worked surprisingly well. I am sure that it is a little clunky, but I am almost finished. I hope to post them today.

I have also tried to simplify my email and web life. I forwarded all of my email accounts to gmail. And I bought carolinearmijo.com so that I can place all of projects in their own directory onto on web page. It is not up yet, but that should be the future site of the Europe pictures.

Less is more.

the Rab said...

i say anyway a lot. hah.