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Thursday, October 05, 2006

i am the employee of the month

saw this flick at a premiere last night. funny funny flick.
jessica? big really round perky ... oh ah wait for it, ears.
dane? marquee funny/cool/likeable/sarcastic "edgy" guy.
dex? like a nerdy evil blonde zach braff, but not that witty.
andy dick? blind and actually funny. hmmm.
harland williams? cagey and non-sensical as ever.
wise indian? wise and from india. not credited on the website. for shame.
pedro? ambiguously very funny but weird.

and why was that guy behind us grunting everytime jSimp and the girls came into a scene? what is that all about? it made my smoking hot date nervous. that's not cool. but this movie is. i give it 3 gold stars. good job.

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