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Monday, October 09, 2006

goggle gets all goo-goo-eyed over youtube

newsflash: google buys youtube for $1.65B. read all the juiciness. film @ 11. let the dissection and envy begin... they are all ready to jump the snark. more than ever, tongues are wagging about the billion $$$ crystal-ballersz looking to cash out in boom2.0. but come on. google had to do it. once yahoo stopped being all jealous of google, they settled down and started buying up all of the cool "next-thing" web2.0 companies. del.icio.us. flickr. upcoming.org. google had to represent. myspace sold out too quick. facebook is still hanging out, but it's probably peaked and they've snubbed yahoo and others already. and youtube was the only BIG thing left. and let's face it. once youtube blew up, everybody was saying "google video what?" don't get me wrong. google video is slick. google software is always good. but youtube has become a monster. all the cool kids are doing it. kudos google. it's a chessgame. did you just put yahoo in check or are you 2 still just pushing the pawns down the field? what next?

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