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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

it's showtime for apple, get the pole ready stage left

big bites of apple news today:
  1. updated iTunes 7 with movie storefront, but is disney & ipod only for now? :( what the crap?! i guess they're hedging on the "1 more thing?" read on faithful...
  2. new iPod shuffle is smaller than ever! shouldn't it really be iPod pequeño? come on! who knew SNL writers can predict the future.
  3. new iPod nano is out with 2GB size, mini-like colors, etc. ok, like whatevz.
  4. new 6G iPod is a tweaked brighter 5G iPod (w/ games?!)? not really the 6G we were looking for... not at all. we'll call it iPod 5.2 and wait for the wide-screen touchable control model with bluetooth headphones, thx much.
  5. and one more thing: but perhaps the weirdest/new-est move was the pre-announcement of the Apple iTV device, a video streaming set-top-box. (take that redmond.) will this be cool or vaperware? time will tell.
watch live keynote via engadget

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