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Monday, September 04, 2006

i am old..er

today is my b-day. yeah. i was born on labor day (how old am i?). this especially comes in handy when i get the day off work. what did i do? nada. clean, grilled, etc. greater expectations. best laid plans, and all that.

the lady and i went out for a night on the town last wed (fairly accurate representation above; although i'm taller. really). it was our anni#9. we went to hancock (hee) fabrics and TGI-Fridays. 2 things that sound great together but aren't really. we were thinking of going to the home depot and then bed, bath and beyond, then perhaps the olive garden. but we just ran out of time.

we're goin' clubbin' soon i think. gots to get the party started.

i'm old and my joints are sore. does that mean a storms coming? cool.
got to crash. l8r. peace.

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