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Sunday, August 13, 2006

viper + qedwiki = good mash

ibm qedwiki demo presentation
qedwiki is ibm's enterprise mashup maker
uses web2.0 tech: ajax and atom
utilizes db2/viper data server supporting atom syndication

2 demos
1. qed renders content around newsml markup
2. situation app around accord industry spec

viper/db2 9 overview
impl of pure xml (ibm trademark)
stores xml docs as db records instead of shredding data
supports w3 standards - xpath, xquery
stored procedure impls atom protocol, becomes content conduit

demo 1
atom feed widget renderer, displays records from viper

accord 103 data spec used by insurance industry for b2b data exchange
strikeiron.com aggregation/validation
lists policy information

wyswyg dnd editor in qedwiki
assembly mode, dynamically renders content from data sources, feeds

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