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Saturday, August 26, 2006

lucas... come on. really. come on.

so i know i blogged about this a while back, but now the time is here! lucasarts is releasing the Star Wars Trilogy -- new again for the 7th time! i'm guessing, but i do know i own 2 VHS versions and one DVD version already, and some of my even more early adopting friends own the still loved laserdisc versions. get this while it lasts! get it before the super duper ultimate Blue-ray and HD-DVD versions street in 2007! really. this is crazy. anyway, in a pre-emptive move, starwars.com is actually showcasing the differences between the 1977 original and this newly polished 2006 (they are saying 2004??) version, saving the fanboy nerfherding nerdlinger sites from the trouble. these aren't the changes you're looking for.... word on the internets was that lucas had decided to change the infamous mos eisley cantina shoot-out scene between Solo & Greedo back to the original hustle & flow where HAN SHOT FIRST! heck yeah. that is the real deal. but alas, in this sequence, it appears that we've gotten our hopes up for nothing. all it says is, "this sequence was retimed slightly" or some vague bunk. so there's this omission and the fact that they cut all of the explosive laser blasts from the hits to imperial stormtroopers and officers... oh well. i guess we should be glad they didn't replace the blasters with commlinks, a la, the spielberg replacement of *gasp!* guns with walkie-talkies in the 20th anni SE of ET. that would really be silly. but if the big guy is looking for "enhancements" for the inevitable HD discs, who knows. we'll have to wait and see. i think i'll pass on this new edition. it can't beat the classics. the new cool CG replacement ships just aren't as realistic as the original scale models. i don't care how many times they polish it.

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