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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Reason Why

i'm on vacation this week. down at the beautiful Carolina coast. we're staying very near Surf City on Topsail Island. walking distance to the pier, Woody's, Mollie's, and Daddy Mac's. i know. lame sounding joints. mostly local dives with great food and drink. we mostly come here to get away from it all and do nothing. there are more people here than we've ever seen in previous years. maybe it's the time of year. it's the height of the peak season. and we usually stay farther south, actually in Topsail Beach. we're in the heart of the main drag. Surf City. we can view the entire heart of the town from our vantange point on the top floor of our beach house rental, "The Reason Why."

this is a week to recharge. regroup. reflect. read. drink. eat seafood. jam to the ipod with my new iM7 speaker tube. play with the boys. fight some waves. admire the wife in her bikini. grill out and kill some brews. chill with my bro. laugh and snort with the sis. talk with dad. rollerblade down the road.

hoping to cruise down to wilmington to do the downtown. probably the boys are going to want to see the battleship again this year. maybe go to the train museum. i want to go clubbin. ha.

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