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Saturday, June 10, 2006

live_with_teeth 6.09[2006] RALEIGH/NC

the show in raleigh last night was awesome. i've posted pics and vids on my moblog. my seats were so awesome. section 5 seats M23-24. it was incredibly loud and brutal. the light show was really cool.

here's a cool pic from nin.com from last night.

i'm trying to put together from memory the setlist for the night. if you can help please do. it's going to be hard to get the order right. but then i'll have a pretty cool mix. here's what i have so far... [updated - final]

  1. Somewhat Damaged
  2. You Know Who You Are?
  3. Sin
  4. Terrible Lie
  5. March of the Pigs
  6. Something I Can Never Have
  7. Closer
  8. Burn
  9. Gave Up
  10. Help Me I'm In Hell
  11. Non-Entity
  12. Only
  13. Wish
  14. La Mer
  15. Into The Void
  16. Suck
  17. Get Down Make Love
  18. Down In It
  19. Hurt
  20. The Hand That Feeds
  21. ??
  22. Head like a Hole

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