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Friday, May 26, 2006

No mutation without representation

Roger Ebert presents an interesting counter point review to what i wrote.

"There are so many parallels here with current political and social issues that to list them is to define the next presidential campaign. Just writing the previous paragraph, I thought of abortion, gun control, stem cell research, the "gay gene" and the Minutemen. "Curing" mutants is obviously a form of genetic engineering and stirs thoughts of "cures" for many other conditions humans are born with, which could be loosely defined as anything that prevents you from being just like George or Georgette Clooney. The fact is, most people grow accustomed to the hands they've been dealt and rather resent the opportunity to become "normal." (Normal in this context is whatever makes you more like them and less like yourself.)

"X-Men: The Last Stand" raises all of these questions in embryonic form, but doesn't engage them in much detail, because it is often distracted by the need to be an action movie."

perhaps, i am too bias to the original material. he's probably never read a single issue, but he picked up on the issues. the dream. the conflict. the morals. the relationships. they are there, but does it generate the right discussion or effect? you decide. it is afterall just a movie. enjoy it for what it is.

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