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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Let's go raiding in Ghana!

Stay with me.
Anna Espinosa is Sydney Bristow.
Sydney Bristow is Lara Croft.
Page 47 is a treasured manuscript. or treasure map? or secret code?
Arvin Sloane is a demented evil mastermind/pawn who monologues a bit much.
Anna Espinosa is dead.
Lara Croft was dead.
Sydney Bristow is alive.
So is Michael Vaughan?!
Marshall is Zip.
They do OpTech.
Sydney is a hot mom.
"I heart Hot Moms."
Ghana is Ghana.
Sydney is now a legend.
She wants revenge.
Got it?
WATCH ALIAS next week.
There are only 2 left.

(and if you run over to abc.com, you can watch the whole season for free!)

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