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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chris was robbed. r-o-b-d. robbed.

we (NC) hearted you Chris. you were the only 'cool' one in the 'not blue-sy cool' sort of way. now, you are gone from the idol stage. shame on you america. can't you see? he is/was your next america idol. how could he have been lower than oh i don't know - Elliot?!? it boggles the mind. my girl & her moms voted for the dude like clear over 250 times in the last couple of shows. oh well. we're boycotting the show now. (yeah!) now, will he lead Fuel? who can say. keep on rockin' mah man. we had a hot lame one tonight. chin up dog.

anywho, i'm sure there is more to come from chris daughtry

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