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Sunday, April 02, 2006

I am an April Fool Steve Jobs

yeah apple. very funny. april 1st came and went. no big event. no announcements. no website banners. no new video ipod. you got me. dang you all to heck steve jobs. don't you think i know whats going on?? you want me to buy that 5G iPod with the crappy bat life and super scratchable screen. then 1 week later you will announce the new 6G iPod with a widescreen and virtual scrollwheel. i know it. that's how it has worked everytime before. with my iMac (15" to 20" widescreen). with my powermac (G5 w/PCI-X to Intel w/PCI-Express). i saw this last one coming, but sweet mother of all that is techno-holy, please please, go ahead and release the dang phantom 6G widescreen iPod so i can rush out and buy one. my 3G 10GB monochrome iPod with 2hr. batt life is getting tres long in the tooth. and my hard drive is filling up with video podcasts that i don't watch.

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