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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Natalie Portman is angry about her haircut

but it kinda turns me on. yes, i would pay for her laundry. i think it's the hair. my boys are always meaner after a haircut. my mom always said short haircuts make you meaner. i guess this closes the proof of her theorum.

these "snl digital shorts" from samberg and parnell are the bomb. but i don't think this'll be available long. the nbc goon squad will be cramming S&D letters down you(r)tube again in no time. too bad. viral hype is just the thing to promote a sagging snl. i guess they want you to visit their lame site to watch this stuff. too bad they only support IE5.5. talk about crap. that is pathetic. watch (if you roll wif m$) the chronic(what)-cles of narnia there and check out 'a tribute to a young chuck norris.' very funny stuff. too bad nbc's webmasters & lawyers aren't as edgy. they must not get the joke.

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